Blockchain & Cryptocurrency SEO

Blockchain Buzz can help you gain new users organically through google search. Due to some ad networks strict rules on cryptocurrency advertising organic traffic from Google should be a key component of your marketing strategy.

What We Can Help With


SEO Strategy

Our team will put together a custom strategy for how we can help you get more visibility on Google. We will go through the strategy together and layout all the steps of the process.



Keep up with your campaigns with an easy to understand report. We make it easy to monitor your performance and ROI. Our team will track key search terms and your websites position on a daily basis.


Page Content Optimization

Our team will analyze your current website looking for any potential optimizations in your content that better target your campaigns keywords.


Keyword Research for crypto

We will determine the best cryptocurrency keywords to target for your SEO campaign based on a multitude of factors such as: Search volume, difficulty, search intent and more.


Link Building

An important aspect of SEO is having a solid link building strategy. Our team can get high quality backlinks to increase your websites reputation to search engines.


Access To OUr Team Of Digital Marketing Experts

For any questions or requests our team will be ready to help.

Why Do You Need Cryptocurrency SEO?

Most Web Traffic Comes From Organic Search

Even in traditional markets an average of 53% of all web traffic come from the organic searches and more than 75% of those searches start on Google. In an industry such as blockchain technology these numbers can be even more inflated due to the strict nature of digital advertising platforms in regards to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Due to the low number of ads that are allowed nearly all web traffic to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain websites comes from organic sources such as Google’s organic search results.


Capture Researching Users

Whether someone is new or old to the crypto space when they are researching a new solution or technology one of the first places they will search is Google. You want to make sure that you appear for the searches that could lead them to your project.

Get Ahead Of The Curve

We have noticed that not many crypto projects have a strong focus on their SEO despite it being one of the most powerful drivers of traffic. This is a mistake, as other projects who do focus on their SEO will build their brand with high quality backlinks and SEO optimized content. This will allow them to be ahead of the curve and capture traffic from the top search results as the industry continues to grow. The earlier you start your SEO strategy the better.

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